Paris attacks suspect to be extradited to France

The suspect initially objected to being extradited

Paris attacks suspect to be extradited to France

Steve Parsons / PA Wire/Press Association Images

A Belgian court has announced that a Paris attacks suspect, and one of the most wanted men in Europe, can be extradited to France, according to federal prosecutors.

Salah Abdeslam, who had been on the run for almost four months, was captured in Brussels earlier this month and charged with ''terrorist murder.''

A lawyer for Abdeslam said that Abdeslam had initially objected to the transfer before later agreeing to being extradited. In a statement, a federal prosecutor said that the Belgian and French authorities will collaborate on how to proceed in conducting the transfer. 

ISIS claimed responsibility for the terrorism attacks in Paris last November, which claimed the lives of 130 people.

Abdeslam was arrested just four days before three separate bombings took place in the Brussels airport and subway earlier this month, killing more than 30 people. 

Belgian investigators were criticised for failing to begin question Abdeslam after his March 18 arrest which they defended on the grounds that the suspect required medical treatment for a leg injury he sustained during the arrest.

Abdeslam did not disclose any information about the Brussels attacks before they took place.