The Evening Top 5: Michael D Higgins gives speech on homelessness, Croke Park fans pay tribute to Buncrana family

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Michael D. Higgins highlights plight of homeless and migrants in speech at 1916 Rising event

President Micheal D. Higgins received a standing ovation as he spoke to the relatives of those who lose their lives in the 1916 Rising. The President's keynote address, which he gave in front of 4,000 people in attendance, covered what life was like at that point in Dublin and in Ireland, stating that the values expressed in the Proclomation 100 years ago can still inspire today.

Ranking all 16 of the Batman and Superman movies from worst to best

In the wake of some "mixed reviews" but sure to be record-breaking box-office numbers, Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice has us taking a trip down memory lane of all of the Batman and Superman movies to date. While there are some left off the list - apologies to all you fans of 1958's Superman and The Mole Men - we have ranked all the remaining sixteen Batman and/or Superman movies from worst to best.

Ted Cruz blames Donald Trump as he denies affair allegations

Texas Senator Ted Cruz went on the defensive on Friday as he denied rumours of an affair which had been printed in the National Enquirer. The claims in the publication stated that Cruz had cheated on his wife with five separate women, something that would be particularly damaging to him given he has campaigned on the back of the Christian Evangelical vote.

WATCH: Fans at Croke Park pay tribute to victims of Buncrana tragedy

Fans of Dublin and Donegal paid tribute to the family who tragically drowned in Buncrana last week in Croke Park on Saturday night. Sean McGrotty (46) died in the incident, alongside his two sons Mark (12) and Evan (8), his mother-in-law Ruth Daniels (57) and her daughter Jodie Lee Daniels (14). The only survivor was four-month-old Rionaghac-Ann who was saved after her father passed her through the driver side window to Davitt Walsh before the car submerged.

Man charged with murder over Brussels attacks

A man identified as Faycal Cheffou has been charged with terrorist murder after the Brussels attacks which left 31 people dead. Cheffou has also been charged with participation in a terrorist group and attempted terrorist killings. He was one of several men detained in police raids on Thursday.