Ted Cruz blames Donald Trump as he denies affair allegations

The Republican presidential hopeful stated that the rumours were merely a tabloid smear

Ted Cruz, Donald Trump,

Image: Darren Hauck / AP/Press Association Images

Texas Senator Ted Cruz went on the defensive on Friday as he denied rumours of an affair which had been printed in the National Enquirer. 

The claims in the publication stated that Cruz had cheated on his wife with five separate women, something that would be particularly damaging to him given he has campaigned on the back of the Christian Evangelical vote.

In a press conference, Cruz labelled the story as "garbage", saying that it was something that had come from Donald Trump and his henchmen.

Trump, who has a record of making offensive comments about women spoke to CNN reporter Jeremy Diamond to deny that he had anything to do with the story, adding that he hopes the reports about "Lyin'" Ted Cruz are incorrect.

Trump, who has been under increasing pressure recently after tweeting an image of Ted Cruz's wife Heidi alongside his wife Melania, also tweeted to state that the media were "so after me" due to his treatment of women. 

Speaking to Mashable, longtime Republican strategist Christine Matthews stated that the frontrunner's comments and views about women could cost them dearly come the election when it comes to female voters.

"We were maybe on the 50-yard line, and now I feel like we’re back at the one", said Matthews. Meanwhile, Nate Silver at FiveThiryEight projected what the results of the general election would look like if Trump were to be the nominee and women refused to vote for him. 

Coupled with continually ranking above 60% in the unfavourability polls (according to Gallup), this may cause some concern for the Trump camp as they look to secure the nomination and avoid an open convention in the summer

Via Mashable