"Why is the man in the bag making sense?" - Rubber Bandits get real about Irish mental health

The Irish comedians talk about Ireland on the lead up to the centenery

One of the members of Irish comedy duo The Rubber Bandits appeared on Channel 4 News on Thursday night to discuss the state of Ireland's mental health.

Blindboy Boatclub talks about a rising pandemic of suicides among the youth in Ireland, comparing the 1916 rising fighting for their future, to a current Ireland where people don't know what their future will consist of.

“I only want to have a bit of craic, but I end up always finding myself in situations where I become a voice of reason. I shouldn’t be. Rather than looking, going ‘Why is the man in the bag making sense?’, you go ‘Why is the man in the suit not making sense?’ My generation, we’re old enough to remember the Celtic Tiger, but we’re massively affected by the recession. Our 20s were stolen from us, pretty much."

You can watch the full video below, and it follows on from the Rubber Bandits previous speeches on both The Late Late Show and a recent Des Bishop special.