"Hillary is utterly prepared" – Holly Hunter tells Newstalk she's backing Clinton

The actress spoke to 'The Picture Show' host Philip Molloy about her role in 'Batman v Superman'

Holly Hunter, Philip Molloy, Hillary Clinton, Senator Finch, Batman v Superman

Holly Hunter attends the premiere of 'Batman v Superman' at Radio City Music Hall in New York, USA.

As the sceptical Senator Finch in Zack Synder’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Holly Hunter is making her movie debut as a politician – though not her first starring role in a superhero blockbuster, having delighted fans with her flexible vocal performance in Pixar’s The Incredibles.

But as she’ll tell The Picture Show’s Philip Molloy this Saturday, with the theatre of American politics sweeping the nation in the lead-up to November’s presidential election, finding her political footing wasn’t too hard.

And when it comes to which candidate the Oscar-winning star is backing, Hunter thinks there's only one women qualified for the job:

You can hear Philip’s full interview with Holly Hunter on this Saturday’s The Picture Show, broadcast from 6pm or listen to the podcasts here.

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