WATCH: The first trailer for "The Lego Batman Movie" has just dropped the mic

"I deserve this today."

After 2014's The Lego Movie went on to become a surprise smash-hit, making $470 million of a $60 million budget, a sequel was inevitable.

And while there is a Lego Movie 2 on the way, before then we actually get a Lego Batman Movie spin-off, featuring our favorite gravelly-voiced orphan.

Will Arnett (Arrested Development) introduces us to the teaser with a quick rap, before dropping the mic and introducing us to some footage of... not very much, actually. Clearly making fun of the idea that trailers give away all of the best stuff, here we just get a look at Batman getting home from a day of saving Gotham, and re-heating his lobster dinner.

The feature directorial debut for Chris McKay (Robot Chicken), the rest of the voice cast includes Rosario Dawson as Batgirl, Ralph Fiennes as Alfred, Michael Cera as Robin, Zack Galifiankis as The Joker and Mariah Carey (?!) as the Mayor of Gotham.

The Lego Batman Movie will fly into Irish cinemas on February 10th 2017.