Super Hans' super fans rejoice, as 'Peep Show' actor plans DJ tour as character

Matt King, who played Super Hans for nine seasons, plans to tour festivals and Ibiza as the character

Matt King, Super Hans, Peep Show, DJ

David Mitchell, Matt King, and Robert Webb on the set of 'Peep Show' [Twitter]

Fans of Channel 4’s ground-breaking sitcom Peep Show – not mention music that is outrageous and contagious – can take some relief in the knowledge that while the show has wrapped, one of its characters is going on tour. Matt King, who played Super Hans in 36 episodes of the point-of-view comedy, is launching a real-life DJ career as the character.

Revealing the news on Twitter, King said that he has plans to play a number of shows over the summer, with festivals and the Ibiza club circuit on Super Hans’ horizon.

The character musical career on the show was a series of ups and downs, usually going hand in hand with a series of uppers and downers. Together with Robert Webb’s Jez, Super Hans failed to get a number of bands off the ground, including the likes of The Hair Blair Bunch, Man Feelings, and Danny Dyer’s Chocolate Homunculus.

King has promised to post details of the shows he’s planning over on his Twitter.

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