The Evening Top 5: Man shot dead at Dublin border may be related to gangland feud, several Brussels suspects still at large

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Several Brussels terror suspects still at large, say prosecutors

Several people possibly linked to the terror attacks at Brussels Airport and a metro station are still at large, say federal prosecutors. Frederic Van Leeuw identified two of the attackers as brothers Ibrahim and Khalid El Bakraoui but said others involved have not yet been caught.

The best phone you can buy for less than €200

When smartphones are discussed many talk about the iPhone 6s, Samsung S7s and Sony Xperia Z5s of the world, but you don’t have to break the bank to get a good device. Certain manufacturers are investing heavily in the lower end of the market. This investment is starting to pay off for us, the consumer.

Pornhub are backing VR Goggles in a big way

Historically, whatever technology was backed by porn, the rest of the entertainment industry followed suit. Back when the world couldn't decide between Betamax tapes or VHS, the porn industry went with VHS, and before long, Betamax were completely gone from the market. Ditto when LaserDisc and DVD both arrived around the same time, and the survivor was the one that the porn industry decided to use.

Never-before-seen documents to go on display at 1916 exhibitions

Two new exhibitions are opening in Dublin to remember those who took part in the 1916 Rising. The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI) will mark the commemorations with the opening of 'Surgeons and Insurgents - RCSI and the Easter Rising'. The free exhibition is open to the public until April 17th, and will tell the story of the Rising through human stories of some of the key figures associated with the RCSI.

Man shot at Dublin-Meath border, may be related to gangland feud

A 55-year-old man has been shot at a housing estate near the Dublin-Meath border. The attack happened at The Old Mill housing estate in Rathoath, Co Meath. Gardai are to investigate whether the shooting is linked to a gangland feud - which has claimed two lives, since the start of the year in Dublin.