Remains of dead dog encased in concrete found in Norway

Describing the dog's fate as "pure evil," a criminal investigation has been launched by local police

Dog, Concrete, Norway, Martin Ugland, Espen Sivertsen

Police investigating the scene off the side of the road to Kristiansand [Nicolai Prebensen/N247]

In an act that local police officers have described as “pure evil,” a dog has been found dead and almost entirely encased in concrete in Kristiansand, near the southern most point of Norway.

The dog was discovered by Espen Sivertsen, a bus driver from a nearby city, while he was taking a break by the side of the road. Sivertsen says he identified the concrete as a dog due to the clearly visible shape of the creature’s hind legs.

“I caught sight of two encased animal bones sticking up out of the ditch. Upon closer inspection, I saw that it had to be a dog or possibly a fox. The teeth were, for example, not covered by concrete,” Sivertsen said.

According to reports from N247 newspaper, the dog’s remains were emitted a strong odour, suggesting that they had been left there for quite some time.

Police officer Martin Ugland said that a full criminal investigation would be launched to discover who owned the dog and what its fate was.

“This is either pure evil or people who have done something macabre against their better judgement,” he said.

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