WATCH: US teen injured in Brussels also survived Paris attacks and Boston bombing

Mason Wells, 19, was in Brussels Airport helping fellow Mormon missionaries check in

Mason Wells, Brussels, Belgium, Paris, Boston,

A picture of Mason Wells, on the right on the photo hanging on the wall, is on display as Mason Wells' father Chad Wells talks about his surviving three terrorist attacks [AP Photo/John Locher]

A 19-year-old American student who was injured in yesterday’s attacks in Brussels had previously survived the ISIS attacks in Paris and the Boston Marathon bombing, his family has said.

Mason Wells, who was injured in the Zaventem Airport bombing, suffered a ruptured Achilles tendon and shrapnel wounds, is in Belgium carrying out his Mormon missionary duties. He had gone to the airport to check in other church members who were travelling back to the US.

“This is his third terrorist attack,” Wells’ father Chad told ABC News, revealing that his son had been close to the bomb site in Boston in April, 2013, where Mason’s mother Kymberly had been running the race.

“This is the third time that sadly, in our society, that we have a connection to a bomb blast,” Wells added. “We live in a dangerous world and not everyone is kind and loving.”

According to the Wells family, Mason was also in Paris during last November’s attacks, which left 130 victims dead and another 370 injured.

"Mason has always assured us that he is safe and careful," Kymberly Wells said. "I told him first and foremost always be aware of your surroundings, please be very careful when you’re travelling. Be very observant to people around you."

Despite being injured in the deadly attack, Wells’ parents said that their main concern for their son is that he would be able to fulfil his lifelong dream of joining the US Naval Service.

"The way we get back on our feet after something like this happens is a true test of character," Chad Wells said. "He was blessed significantly by God. We see a blessing by this, not a terrible curse."

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