999 responders in Meath to go on strike April 7th

Other call centres are expected to operate as normal

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An emergency call being made on an iPhone mobile phone | Image: Ian West / PA Archive/PA Images

999 operators in Navan, Co Meath are to go on strike again in a row over pay and conditions.

Workers will not answer emergency calls for a 12-hour period on Thursday April 7th.

However, other 999 call centres in Dublin and Ballyshannon are expected to operate as normal.

Conduit Global, who run the service, say they 'strongly regret' the decision by the Communications Workers Union (CWU) to take industrial action.

They have also accused the CWU of 'choosing to place its own interests over critical public services'.

"The majority of the 999 employees are not members of the CWU and are instead committed to direct engagement with us, and to the safety and security of Irish citizens", the firm says in a statement.

"We strongly urge the CWU to recognise the positive steps that have been taken and reconsider its decision to take industrial action", it adds.