Complaint upheld over nightclub advert for "Shag a Ginger Night"

The promotion offered free ginger hair dyeing

Shag a Ginger Night, advert, complaint, nightclub, Letterkenny, Pulse, ASAI

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The Advertising Standards Authority for Ireland (ASAI) has upheld a complaint about a nightclub advert that was deemed offensive to people with red hair.

The ad for the Pulse venue in Letterkenny featured two young people with red hair, and advertised a "Shag a Ginger Night".

The promotion offered free ginger hair dyeing and said that "DJ Ginger Nuts" was playing tunes on the night.

The complainant said she suffered verbal and physical abuse as a child because of her red hair - and said this type of advertising was damaging to the mental health of young people.

The venue did not offer any response to the complaint.