WATCH: Ahead of this weekend's centenary, catch up on 1916 with this brilliant Lego version

Produced by Createschool for Wicklow County Council, the 10-minute film is not just another brick in the wall

Lego, 1916, Ireland, Easter Rising, Createschool


Anyone in need of a quick brush up on their Irish revolutionary history in the lead-up to this weekend’s centenary celebrations of the 1916 Easter Rising should set aside 10 minutes to watch the story told through Lego as part of Wicklow County Council’s commemoration programme.

The specially commissioned video is called Freedom – A 1916 Story and represents nine months of work by Createschool. Createschool has been delivering workshops for more than 15 years, encouraging school pupils to get to grips with their creative sides and specialises in Lego stop-motion animation.

Including original music, Freedom hopes to deliver the history of the Rising to viewers of all ages, with historian Pat Liddy working with the directors to ensure the historical accuracy of the piece. Liddy, a historian and tour guide, also appears in the short, lending his voice to the main character, a grandfather recounting the story of the Rising to his grandson.

Written, produced and directed by Peter Baxter and Joseph Orr, you can watch the video in full below:

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