Half of Irish children will receive between 5 and 15 easter eggs

New research from Mummypages.ie says many parents feel they should be asked for permission before another adults gives their child an egg

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Photo: Leon Farrell/RollingNews.ie

40% of Irish kids will receive around five Easter eggs - with one in ten getting up to 15.

Five large easter eggs contain almost 250 teaspoons of sugar, while there are 60 teaspoons of sugar in five smaller eggs.

74% of mums say they intervene, taking their child's chocolate eggs and rationing them, according to research for MummyPages.ie

Those who do intercept their childrens' eggs say they use it for baking, throw it away, freeze it, regift it... or eat it themselves.

Two-fifths of mums say their children will mainly receive larger-sized Easter Eggs, not the small child-sized eggs.

Half of the parents questioned for this research said another adult should seek the consent of a parent before gifting an egg to a child.

And three-quarters of mums things easter eggs should be limited by law to just one aisle or display in supermarkets.