Some €4,000 is still owed in Dáil bar bills

The records are anonymous and not broken down by party

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We still have no new government, as talks continue between parties and representatives.

But it seems some Oireachtas members are still stuck in the past, with a bar bill still being owed of around €4,000.

Figures released to The Irish Times show TDs and Senators owed a combined €5,405 to the Oireachtas visitors and members bars as of February 3rd - the day the 31st Dáil was dissolved.

It reports that some of the outstanding bill has been settled, but that €4,000 was still owed as of March 10th among 20 TDs and 13 Senators.

The records are anonymous and are not broken down by party.

Oireachtas members can set up a tab for food and drink in Leinster House, which they can pay off later.

However, there is no time limit for unpaid tabs to be settled.