Five stories you might have missed from the weekend

Former Ceann Comhairle's driver claims over €10,000, and riot at football match in Morocco ends in tragedy

After a busy weekend of news and sport, here's everything you need to know this Monday morning. 

A £200 million research vessel to be named "Boaty McBoatface" by the voting public

An open vote has been set up to name the next Royal Research Ship (RRS), with the public allowed to come up and vote for new names of the vessel.

The £200 million (€256 million) ship is due to take to the seas and explore the Arctic and Antarctic from 2019, but the current front-runner for the vessel's name is already gathering a lot of attention: RRS Boaty McBoatface.

Former Ceann Comhairle's driver claimed over €10,000 in overnight expenses last year

The personal driver of former Ceann Comhairle Sean Barrett claimed over €10,000 in overnight expenses last year.

The Times reports Dominic Hearn, a former garda, was eligible for a €125 untaxed payment for each day worked, as he was not resident in Dublin.

Climate experts claim February was the warmest month in recorded history

With this year's unusually extreme El Niño finally coming to an end, scientists are claiming that the reason behind it's freakish length and intensity is down to global warming.

It is being claimed that the extremity of this year's El Niño will most likely result in 2016 being the warmest year on record, after it was discovered that February was the hottest month in recorded history.

Starbucks face lawsuit over claims they underfill their lattes

Starbucks faces a lawsuit in Northern California over claims that they deliberately fail to fill some of their beverages fully. 

The coffee chain faces a case from two plaintiffs that their latte drinks are not the sizes that they state on their menu, with the claim stating that "tall Lattes are not 12 fluid ounces, Grande Lattes are not 16 fluid ounces, and Venti Lattes are not 20 fluid ounces". 

WATCH: Two dead and over 50 injured following brawl between rival fans at soccer game in Morocco

Two civilians are dead and 54 have been left injured following a brawl which broke out after a soccer game in Morocco yesterday.

Rival fans of the Raja de Casablanca football club brawled in the Mohammed V stadium after a 2-1 win over a northern Morocco club, resulting in the death of two people and flares being thrown that destroyed parts of the arena.