Twitter is 10: Here’s a rundown of other game-changing tech

From Bluetooth to the iPhone, a lot of technology has come our way in the last 20 years

It’s hard to believe that social media giant Twitter is only 10 years old. On this day 2006, founder of Twitter Jack Dorsey sent the following tweet:

Since that time so much has changed in both technology and the world in general. Twitter has come to play a vital role in politics, entertainment and day to day life. It’s worth using today as an opportunity to appreciate some of the other game-changers that have come along over the past 20 years.


Not the sexiest of technologies, but it was a game-changer and remains an important feature on smartphones and other mobile devices. Bluetooth 1.0 was unveiled in 1999 and the first mobile phone with Bluetooth connectivity was released a year later. New uses for the technology have continued to emerge since then. You’ll find the full history of Bluetooth here.


The iPod came along in 2001. The launch was a small scale version of what we have come to know as an Apple launch event. Steve Jobs appeared on stage and explained the concept and why.

The iPod was a game-changer because it led to the iPhone, iTunes, Apple Music and so much more. It also raised the bar for personal music devices.


Web browser Firefox was initially unveiled in 2002 and went through various name changes and looks before becoming the success story it is today. It’s considered a game-changer because up until that point, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer reigned king of the browsers, with anyone who attempted to take them on falling by the wayside.


It’s probably impolite to even mention Facebook on Twitter’s birthday, but it has to be done. We all know the story of Zuckerberg’s rise to fame and everyone knows of Facebook these days, but it’s worth taking time to appreciate how much Facebook have accomplished since 2004. It has dominated the social media space and changed how young people interact, businesses work and politics is run.


YouTube has only been with us since 2005. One has to wonder how people saw cat videos before then. Three former PayPal employees created the site back in 2005 and sold it just over a year later for $1.65 billion to Google. Not bad going.


The first iPhone was unveiled in 2007 and changed everything. Its two main slogans were "Apple reinvents the phone." and “This is only the beginning." The event was different to the launch of the iPod because the world had never seen anything like the iPhone. Jobs built up the anticipation so beautifully; like a conductor in front of an orchestra. This one device shaped so much of what we see in today’s technological landscape.