Domino's have unveiled "DRU", their pizza-delivery robot

So far, only one country has actually unveiled the device

The future of take-away home-delivery has arrived, and mostly by it's own accord, it would seem.

"DRU" - Domino's Robotic Unit - has been unveiled by the major pizza outlet, and is capable of carrying up to ten pizzas at once, kept within the robot's heating compartment.

It will be equipped with special sensors that will allow it to navigate roads and pathways, and when DRU arrives at your front door, you input a special code that will unlock the compartment and allow you to remove your order.

At the moment, DRU has only been introduced in New Zealand on a trial run, but if it proves to be successful - and really, a cute robot bringing you pizza should be a home run - expect to see DRU rolling up to your front door before too long.