Cocktails on the Tom Dunne Show: Easter Punch

The third installment of Liebfrau-March: whiskey, citrus and champagne.

This week, head bartender at Angelina's on Percy Place, Pat Thomas brings to us the third installment of Liebfrau-March - the Easter Punch.

Pat says: "A great drink that can be savored at anytime but recommended before dinner or as a welcome drink if having guests over to your house. I use champagne as I like how the nuttiness works with the tannins and vanilla notes in the Irish whiskey but you can use your own favourite sparkling wine instead. Based loosely on the French 75 a favourite champagne drink of mine dating back to WWI, this twist is a lovely celebratory drink for St. Patrick's Day and Easter".


  • 50ml Teelings single malt
  • 30ml fresh lemon juice
  • 30ml organic Acacia honey
  • 3 dash orange bitters
  • Champagne top.


Combine all but champagne in a shaker and shake briefly on ice to chill, strain into a tall glass full of fresh ice and top with favourite champagne or sparkling wine. Add lemon twist.

(Pro tip; stir honey into mixture to dissolve before adding ice as honey will crystallise on contact with ice).