Hillary Clinton widens her lead over Bernie Sanders

Clinton was the winner in Illinois, North Carolina, Florida and Ohio on Tuesday night

Hillary Clinton, Democratic primary, Illinois,

Image: Carolyn Kaster / AP/Press Association Images

Hillary Clinton came out on top in four states on Tuesday night, widening her lead over Bernie Sanders in the delegate count. 

Clinton who grew up in Illinois, was expected to do well there, and was declared the victor there to top off a strong showing on Tuesday night. 

The former Secretary of State and front-runner to become the Democratic Party's nominee also claimed victories in Florida, North Carolina and Ohio, to add to her lead in the race for delegates, taking 297 on the night to Sanders' 194. 

At the time of writing, a close contest was still unfolding in Missouri for both parties, with projections showing that Clinton and Sanders were on 49.6% and 49.4% of the vote respectively.

Clinton's wins on Tuesday night adds to her tally of delegates, taking her up to 1,069 pledged delegates, extending her lead over Sanders, who has 745, making it mathematically difficult for Sanders to make up ground and pull off an upset in the coming weeks and months as the campaign rumbles on. 

For the Republicans, Marco Rubio suspended his campaign after a loss in his home state of Florida, stating that he and his supporters were on the right side, just not the winning side.