WATCH: Anti-Trump ad details track record of offensive comments about women

The campaign to slow Donald Trump's run to the White House is kicking into high gear

With Donald Trump projected to claim a large number of delegates again on Tuesday night as a number of states hold their primaries, the Our Principles PAC has released an ad that details the business man's track record of offensive comments about women.

The PAC, which was founded in Janaury by former Republican strategist Katie Packer, aims to thwart Donald Trump's White House bid, and created an ad that features women reading out quotes by Trump on Fox News presenter Megyn Kelly and Princess Diana, amongst others.

Their site,, also features other ads and videos that they have produced focusing on Trump's quotes and policies, asking "how much do you really know about Donald Trump?".

With big primaries taking place in Florida and Ohio on Tuesday night, and Trump once again projected to do well, the ad may be too little, too late to stop him from getting the nomination.

However, it may be an attempt to dissaude late-breaking voters from pledging their allegiance to Trump, while adding to the 60% of voters who see him as unfavourable, according to a recent Gallup poll

Via Uproxx