Sarah Silverman as Adolf Hitler: "Don't compare me to Donald Trump"

The comedian/dictator made a fleeting appearance on the Conan show last night

Earlier this week, comedian Louis C.K. compared the businessman / presidential hopeful to Hitler, and now another famous funny person has joined that particular political bandwagon.

Regular incendiary comedian Sarah Silverman arrived on Conan last night, introduced as Adolf Hitler, and (s)he talked about the comparisons been drawn between them.

“All these comparisons to Trump, it bums me out. Sometimes I watch him and I’m like, ‘Is that how people see me?’”, asks 'Hitler'.

It's not only comedians that are publicly making the comparison, either. Earlier this month, a social experiment was carried out on Donald Trump supporters, in which Adolf Hitler quotes regarding immigration, sterilization and other hot topics were read out - and claimed by the interviewer to be Trump statements - to see how they would react. You can see their reactions below.