Toy developer moves to release more realistic rival to Barbie's Ken

After the success of Lammily, Boy Lammily will come to market before the end of the year

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The creators of Lammily, styled as the ‘realistic Barbie’, are taking aim at the classic doll’s long-time male companion Ken, with plans to release a realistic counterpart to rival Mattel. Named Boy Lammily, the doll is designed using the average proportions of men, in line with the original Lammily, which became a viral hit online in 2013.

Nickolay Lamm, the creator of the doll, has now launched a crowdfunding campaign to bring the male toy to market, which has so far raised nearly €17,500 in just one day. The original Lammily was also launched off the back of a successful crowd-sourced funding drive in 2014.

Since Lammily entered production, Mattel, the umbrella toy company which manufactures Barbie, has responded to calls for a more lifelike version of the blonde doll with the tiny waist by giving Barbie flat shoes and launching a new run that includes three body types, seven skin tones, 18 eye colours and 24 hair styles.

Although the female version of Lammily comes in two races, the Boy Lammily will launch only as a white male with brown hair and only one body type. His proportions are based on the average 19-year-old American man, according to data compiled by the University of Michigan.

In his fundraising video, Lamm reveals that boys and male teenagers are increasingly exposed to unrealistic physical imagery in the media, saying how he struggled with body issues as a teenager.

“Back in high school, I decided I really wanted a six pack,” Lamm says. “I exercised myself to exhaustion and got so skinny that I just didn’t recognise myself.

“And I know I am not the only one,” he adds.

If the funding drive is successful, Boy Lammily will launch in November, complete with denim shorts, deck shoes, and a check shirt. The retail price is expected to be $17 (€16).

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