Technology used to track serial criminals has identified Banksy

The popular graffiti artist has worked to remain anonymous

The identify Banksy, one of the most successful contemporary artists, has been a mystery for some time now. A new study, however, claims to have identified the man behind the artwork.

Scientists at London’s Queen Mary University used geographic profiling, a technique used to catch serial criminals and say they have tracked down the real Banksy.

Geographic profiling is a statistical analysis technique used by criminologists to locate repeat offenders. The scientists looked for a correlation between the artworks in London and Bristol attributed to Banksy and the 10 commonly touted names purported to be the street artist.

The analysis revealed a series of hot-spots which the researchers then investigated further. These included a pub, a field and four residential addresses; one in Bristol and three in London.

The academic research identified Robin Gunningham as the real Banksy. This is the same man named in a 2008 newspaper article as being the graffiti artist.