WATCH: Coveney says Irish Water is here to stay, while Hogan won't say anything

An anti-water charges protest will take place outside the Dáil tomorrow

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Phil Hogan (left) and Simon Coveney at the Fine Gael National Conference in 2013 | Image:

Water charges will not be scrapped and Irish Water is not going to be abolished.

That is according to Agriculture Minister Simon Coveney, who says that his comments on the charge last week were misconstrued.

Mr Coveney says that Fine Gael will not compromise on its core principles during negotiations to form a government.

With the 32nd Dáil due to sit for the first time tomorrow there's still no sign of a government being formed.

Simon Coveney says they'll talk to anyone, but Fine Gael has red line issues.

He believes Irish Water is one of them.

While the former minister who set up Irish Water has refused to answer questions about the utility.

Phil Hogan flatly refused to weigh in on the future of Irish Water, after speculation in recent days that it could be scrapped by a new government.

When asked repeatedly about the issue at an event, Mr Hogan said he had no comment to make.

Meanwhile, an anti-water charges protest will take place outside the Dáil at 1pm tomorrow.

Protesters will gather calling for the scrapping of water charges and abolition of Irish Water.