Eamon Ryan reveals Green Party likely to abstain from vote for Taoiseach on Thursday

With a vote taking place next Thursday, Eamon Ryan stated that the Greens are likely to abstain or vote against

Eamon Ryan, Catherine Martin, Green Party,

Image: Eamonn Farrell/RollingNews

Eamon Ryan stated that the Green Party members are likely to abstain from the vote for Taoiseach on Thursday. 

Speaking on The Sunday Show panel with íar Taoiseach Bertie Ahern and former justice minster Nora Owen, Ryan revealed that he and deputy leader of the party Catherine Martin are likely to abstain from the vote or will vote against. 

The panel agreed that it looks very unlikely that a Taoiseach would be elected on Thursday, with Ryan saying that rushing into the vote and making a minority government that wouldn't last was not what the country needed. 

"You could end up with the Taoiseach being elected by 50-something members of the Dáil [...] we have to be caraeful that we don't end up with a completely unstable minority government that wouldn't last any length of time"

He added that the Green Party were not the kingmakers in their current position with just two seats, but that there was a good opportunity a this juncture to do the major reforms that people have been asking for in the Dáil. 

Highlighting the structure of regional government, as well as the role of the Seanad, Ryan stated that it was the right time "to be ambitious rather than it just being about tweaking who gets to speak when and standing orders". 

Ryan also revealed that they had met with all the parties as the vote on Thursday approaches, and that one of the key areas that they had discussed was the position of Ceann Comhairle. 

Emphasising that there was a need for the person to be respected across the aisles, he added that the party had someone in mind, but again wouldn't reveal who it was. 

You can listen to the full Sunday Show Panel below: