The top five: Cruz makes ground on Trump; men charged with fire engine theft

Sunday morning's top stories

Ted Cruz is making a small dent in Donald Trump's lead in the Republican US Presidential nomination race.

He has won the contests in Kansas and Maine, but Trump was successful in Kentucky and Louisiana and remains the favourite to become the party's nominee

For the Democratics, Bernie Sanders swept to victory in Kansas and Nebraska.


The family of murdered Vincent Ryan are calling for an end to senseless killings on the streets of Dublin.

The 25-year-old was shot dead in Finglas last Monday.

He was the brother of the former leader of the Real IRA, Alan Ryan, who was shot dead in 2012.


Two men have been charged in connection with the theft of a Fire Engine in Antrim,

The 66 and 19-year-old were arrested after an appliance was stolen from Larne Fire Station and driven into a number of cars and houses.


A five-year long protest action against the banking crisis by a group based in North Cork comes to an end this morning.

The Ballyhea Says No group says although its protest marches have come to an end the campaign against the payment of the promissory notes and the winding down of the IBRC bank will continue.


The Rotunda Hospital will showcase it's 'Birth of a Nation' 1916 exhibition today.

The launch will be opened by Sabina Higgins, the wife of Irish President Michael D Higgins.

The event pays tribute to the role prominent medical women played during the Easter Rising.