This week on Down to Business: Barbers, dog care, and Hillary Clinton's innovation advisor

We have a lot to get through tomorrow...

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Here's what we have ready to go:

  • First up, we take a look at the stories that are making an impact on the business pages of today’s papers. Joining us this week will be Sinead O’Donnell PR Account Manager.
  • Earlier this week Bobby was speaking at the annual Irish Hotel’s Federation Conference. They elected a new president by the name of Joe Dolan we caught up with him and asked him if all hotels are experiencing a recovery or if it is just a Dublin phenomenon.
  • We've been covering the finalists of this year’s SFA Small Firms Awards - all we'll chat to the winner tomorrow.
  • This coming week sees the Dún Laoghaire Rathdown Enterprise week taking place with over 30 exciting and innovative events to attend across the week. One of the businesses featured in the event is, a business that has been described as ‘Air BnB for the canine world’ - we find out what it's all about.
  • We go to the barbers for our industry review, Hugh McAlistair who is Co-Owner of Grafton Barbers who have 28 locations in Ireland, Sam Donnelly who is Co-Owner of Sam’s Barbers with 5 locations in Dublin and Noel McHugh who is the Owner of The Cutthroat Club Barber Services in Wexford all join Bobby.
  • The special advisory on Innovation to Hillary Clinton, Alec Ross talks tech and politics.
  • Pat Rigney talks about how to develop a lasting brand in the ever-evolving drinks markets.

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