Homeless family living in emergency accommodation appeal for help on behalf of 15-week-old daughter

Tom Stokes' daughter has been hosptalized twice due to damp living conditions

A desperate Navan family who are living in emergency accommodation have appealed for help, as their 15-week-old baby daughter was hospitalised twice due to their damp living conditions.

Tom Stokes and his wife Bridget have pleaded with Meath County Council to rehouse them, their two-year-old son Thomas and their 15-week-old daughter Mya, but to no avail so far.

Tom spoke to Newstalk Lunchtime presenter Jonathan Healy today about the conditions his family is currently living in. Before Mya was born, Tom, his wife and his two children had been living in a car.

He said: "There's wires coming from the roof, the main pipe from the bathroom is coming apart from the toilet, the sink is coming apart, we're not allowed a heater."

Tom has begged the council to house them but they have done nothing to help the family so far. They continue to live in one room with two children.

In terms of cooking food, he said: "there's only one cooker between ten other families."

Tom says that he wants to work but at the moment he is worrying about the safety of his family.

You can listen to his interview here: