The selfie-stick that nobody needs but thousands would buy

Love them or hate them, selfie sticks are now a thing

The selfie-stick that nobody needs but thousands would buy

The MacBook Selfie Stick

When they first came onto the scene, selfie sticks were a glorious gift sent down to the minions by the tech-Gods. Now, however they are the a pain for anyone other than the owner.

The evolution of the selfie stick continues. Conceptual art company Art404 have produced a prototype stick, designed by John Yuyi and Tom Galle. Their design pushes the selfie-taking game onto another level.

Rather than supporting a phone or tablet, their selfie-stick supports a full-sized laptop.

The designers took their prototype out onto the streets of New York and documented their findings. Understandably, the laptop-selfie-stick attracted quite a bit of attention.

Thankfully, for everyone bar the selfie-stick user, it doesn’t look like this prototype will be mass produced anytime soon.

Nuisance value

A number of entertainment venues are now banning the admittance of selfie-sticks. Last year a spokesperson for the All England Lawn Tennis Club spoke about the ban on the sticks at Wimbledon. The spokesperson said the ban was brought in partly because of the “nuisance value” but also to ensure they don’t “interfere with spectators’ enjoyment”.

Fans of Tottenham Hotspur are also not allowed to bring the sticks into White Hart Lane after a complaint was lodged by one supporter. Museums in America and France have also barred them.