'How many players have to die before rugby is changed?'

George locks horns with World Rugby's Chief Medical Officer, Dr Martin Raftery on concussion

'How many have to die?'

That was the stance of George Hook this evening, as he was joined on the Right Hook by the Chief Medical Officer for World Rugby, Dr Martin Raftery, to discuss World Rugby's attitude towards concussion, and other head related injuries.

Dr Raftery believes World Rugby is making the game safer.  Needless to say, George disagreed.

Dr Raftery continued on to explain that it's all about awareness, and the more people are aware of the dangers, the safer the game will become.

He also explained that World Rugby has made 37 concussion interventions since 2012; a clear indication of the progress being made.

George put it to Raftery that his stance was 'statistical gobbledygook', and the game needs changing.

You can listen to the full interview below: