The Rolling Stones announce free gig in Cuba this month

The performance will take place three days after President Obama's visit

image via BuffaBlog

image via BuffaBlog

Later this month, The Rolling Stones will perform in Cuba.

Not only will it quite possibly be the biggest live performance in the nation since its revolution in 1959, the band also announced that they will be performing the gig entirely for free.

The event is set to take place on March 25th, just three days after President Barack Obama visits the country's capital, Havana.

In a statement released by the band, they said "[We] have performed in many special places during our long career but this show in Havana is going to be a landmark event for us, and, we hope, for all our friends in Cuba too."

Cuba has a checkered history with it's approach to rock music, at one time persecuting civilians who listened to the genre, believing it to be a tool of Western capitalism.

The gig is set to take place on the grounds of Havana’s Ciudad Deportiva, while the band is currently on its "Olé" tour of Latin American stadiums, which was initially set to end on March 17th.