BBC to mark 1916 commemorations with Brendan O'Carroll film

The corporation will also have coverage on BBC radio and BBC Wales

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Actor Brendan O'Carroll | Image: BBC

The BBC is to mark the 1916 centenary with a new film starring Brendan O'Carroll.

The BBC Two piece will see O'Carroll - known for his work on 'Mrs Brown's Boys' - take viewers on an ancestral journey through the history of the events of 1916.

Three of the rebels who took over Dublin city on Easter week 1916 were O'Carroll's uncles.

O'Carroll explains: "My relationship with the 1916 Rising is personal. Three of the rebels who held Dublin city that week were my uncles".

"I knew about the rising and learnt about the rising but never knew anything about my family’s part in it".

"So, on the 100th anniversary of the 1916 Rising, I'm going to retrace my uncles' steps and in doing so tell you the story of 1916".

"And it's an extraordinary story - a story of subterfuge, violence, of cock-ups, catastrophes but also one of idealism and sacrifice", he added.

Journalist Michael Portillo will also tell the story from 'The Enemy Files', while Bob Geldof will reflect on the events in Ireland and the impact they had on the works of poet WB Yeats.

A BBC Northern Ireland logo, marking the coverage | Image: BBC

The corporation is also planning projects on BBC Radio 4, Radio 3, BBC Wales and BBC Northern Ireland.

Historians Heather Jones and Diarmaid Ferriter will tell the story of the Easter Rising, as well as exploring the key landmarks in Anglo-Irish relations over the subsequent century.

While BBC Wales will explore the rebellion's connection with Wales.

And BBC NI is marking the centenary in '1916: A Year Of History' - a range of special programming and content across television, radio and online.

Martin Davidson, head of commissioning for history and business, says: "The events of 1916 in Ireland had an immense impact on Anglo-Irish relations".

"In this anniversary year, BBC audiences will be able to tap into a variety of programming that sheds a light on the lasting influence of the attempted rebellion that took place whilst the rest of the country was distracted with World War One".