Court hears man accused of being ISIS recruiter was tortured in his home country

The man is fighting his forced return to the Middle East

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A man accused of being the main recruiter for ISIS in Ireland claims he was tortured in his home country for five years before he fled.

He is fighting his deportation back to the Middle East and is challenging the refusal by the State to renew his residency.

During a previous court hearing, the man - who cannot be identified because he is an asylum seeker - was described as a threat to our national security.

Gardaí believe he is responsible for sending ISIS fighters to conflict zones like Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.

The High Court paved the way for his deportation after Christmas - but the European Court of Human Rights intervened and he is still awaiting the judgement of the appeals court here.

In the meantime, he is challenging the decision not to renew a residency permit that was granted following the birth of his son here in 2000.

The court has heard he was tortured in his home country between 1991 and 1996, and fears he will happen again if he goes back.

Despite strong medical evidence, his legal team has accused the State of unreasonably rejecting his concerns - and of not providing adequate evidence of his alleged links with ISIS.