Ballsbridge residents 20 times more likely to have trees on streets than those living in north inner city

According to research, the north and west inner city are much more likely to have vacant sites

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Residents in South Dublin areas are more likely to have trees on their street rather than north inner city areas, according to new research.

According to the report in the Times, the north and west inner city are more likely to have vacant areas and less likely to have green space.

Ballsbridge and the surrounding area in Dublin 4 have eight to 10 residents for every tree. However, that figure increases to 30 residents per tree.

Dublin 1 has 130 residents per tree and this increases to 200 in the Ballybough. 

The research was carried out by the department of geography at UCD and Redrawing Dublin authors Paul Kearns and Motti Ruimy.

“In Dublin 2, from Dublin Castle to Fitzwilliam Square and from Iveagh Gardens to Trinity, there is about 30 hectares of green open space and practically no vacant or derelict land,” said Dr Gerald Mills, senior UCD geography lecturer.

“In the greater Liberties area of Dublin 8, there is three times more derelict or vacant land than green space, and about 30 hectares or derelict or vacant land.”