French authorities move into the southern part of The Jungle to clear it

4.000 asylum seekers are living in temporary accommodation near Calais, in northern France

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Migrants stand in the burned remains of a restaurant in a makeshift migrants camp near Calais, France. A French court has given the green light for the state to relocate hundreds of migrants from "The Jungle". (AP Photo/Jerome Delay)

Police in Calais have started moving into the southern part of the refugee camp known as The Jungle.

A French court ruled last week that buildings in part of the camp could be knocked down, except for shared spaces like mosques or schools.

Charities say there is not enough alternative accommodation for refugees.

Authorities are offering 750 refugees spaces in shelters made from converted shipping containers equipped with bunk-beds and heaters.

Picture by: Steve Parsons / PA Wire/Press Association Images

In total, The Jungle is home to some 4,000 migrants.