Kanye West announces he'll release another album in 2016

"The Life Of Pablo" dropped just a few weeks back

Kanye West, paparazzi, fight,

Image: Richard Drew / AP/Press Association Images

Kanye West's seventh album The Life Of Pablo is barely a fortnight old and he's already on to the next one.

A few weeks back, during the flurry of tweets when he blasted both the Grammys and Taylor Swift, Kanye sent one tweet that stood out due to it's content:

Nothing was mentioned on the topic again, as the world watched The Life Of Pablo do quite well with critics, cause a massive uptick in Tidal subscribers, become one of the most illegally downloaded albums of all time, and Kanye continue to rant on Twitter about whatever came to mind.

Then Kanye returned to talk up his new album earlier today on Twitter...

For those not in the know - which is entirely understandable - the TurboGrafx-16 was a games console from the late 80s, which eventually lost out in the console wars against the SuperNintendo and Sega MegaDrive.

Whether or not his favourite game Blazing Lazers will indicate the sound scape of his new album is anyone's guess...