Labour TD discusses Dublin Docklands development

"You have to get the balance right."

Labour TD discusses Dublin Docklands development

A view of the proposed development | Image: Kennedy Wilson

The Labour Party says Dublin's Docklands should be further developed to allow the local community to grow.

The party's TD for the area Joe Costello, is calling for a 'regeneration roundtable' of Docklands stakeholders to ensure local people as well as business benefit from the district.

Mr Costello is also calling for social and affordable housing projects to be built in the area.

Labour candidate for Dublin Central Joe Costello, says the Docklands should be a place to live as well as work: "You have to get the balance right. There's not much sense in having a place that dies in the evening. There has to be a strong cultural and retail and entertainment [aspects], and living environment as well. We don't just want people commuting to the docklands. We want people living in the docklands. We want the local population to be part and parcel of all of that."