Johnson & Johnson pay $72 million in damages after products caused cancer in consumer

There are in excess of one thousand cases being held against the company

Johnson and Johnson has been ordered to pay $72 million in damages to the family of a woman whose death from ovarian cancer aged 62 was linked to her use of some of its products.

The Missouri state jury heard Jaqueline Fox had used the company's talc-based Baby Powder and Shower to Shower for years.

Her family was awarded $10 million actual damages and $62 million in punitive damages.

Johnson and Johnson faces several hundred lawsuits claiming it failed to warn consumers for decades that its talc-based products could cause cancer.

Carol Goodrich, a J&J spokeswoman, said in a statement that: “We have no higher responsibility than the health and safety of consumers and we are disappointed with the outcome of the trial. We sympathise with the plaintiff’s family but firmly believe the safety of cosmetic talc is supported by decades of scientific evidence.”