WATCH: As Frank Underwood, Kevin Spacey unveils his own presidential portrait in US National Gallery

The oil on canvas painting is now on display at the Smithsonian in Washington DC

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'President Francis J Underwood' by British painter Jonathan Yeo [Twitter/Smithsonian]

While he may have had to scheme his way to the Oval Office, House of Cards’ Frank Underwood has, at the very least, earned the right to have, like every other president before him, his portrait hanged in the National Portrait Gallery of Washington DC’s Smithsonian – and now that oil on canvas work of art in really on display for the public.

Last night, with the lines between fact and fiction blurred like the soft lines on the canvas, actor Kevin Spacey was the guest of honour at the gallery, unveiling the Jonathan Yeo work. Appearing in character as President Francis J Underwood, Spacey took questions from the press – including some of the journalists trying to get to the bottom of his scheming in the hit Netflix show, which returns with a fourth season next Friday.

Outside of the halls of the White House, the Smithsonian is the only institution to display portraits of all US presidents, though the fictional one is a first for the gallery.

“I’m pleased that the Smithsonian continues to prove itself as a worthwhile institution,” said Spacey as Underwood. “I’m one step closer to convincing the rest of the country that I am the President.”

“Actually, I’m really delighted to be included in a work of art at such a remarkable institution,” said Spacey as himself.

“When the Smithsonian’s Portrait Gallery first approached Jonathan and me about a portrait of me—the actor—I wanted to see if Jonathan could unveil a fully rendered presidential portrait. It is a real honour to be exhibited at the Smithsonian and a thrill to see Frank take his place among the presidents in this historic setting.”

All 13 episodes of the fourth season of House of Cards will appear in territories around the world on March 4th at 12.01am, only on Netflix. As well as Spacey and co-star Robin Wright, the season will also feature Neve Campbell, Kim Dickens, and Ellen Burstyn.

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