Hundreds to be evacuated from Calais migrant camp

Refugees are to be housed in converted shipping containers

The southern part of a migrant camp near Calais in France is being evacuated, as authorities brand the living conditions there 'undignified'.

Known as 'the jungle', hundreds of residents have until 8.00 pm tonight local time to move on before demolition starts.

French authorities are offering 750 refugees spaces in shelters made from converted shipping containers equipped with bunk-beds and heaters.

But Azziz from Pakistan says this is not the solution.

While 24 year-old Samim from Afghanistan believes it is a vast improvement.

But eight associations working in the camp, including Doctors of the World, have warned that the alternatives are not suitable.

They are "very far from answering the needs of the problems encountered,” the associations wrote in a protest letter to the French interior minister.

In total the 'jungle' is home to some 4,000 migrants, many of whom hope, ultimately, to cross to Britain.

Conditions in the camp have been described as horrific.

Last week, 145 actors, sports personalities and celebrities - including Jude Law, Richard Branson and Gary Lineker - signed an open letter to the British Prime Minister David Cameron to allow children stuck in the camp to enter the UK.

"These are innocent, vulnerable children caught up in red tape with the frightening prospect of the demolition of the Jungle hanging over them," said Law, who organised the letter.

"David Cameron and the British government must urgently work with the French authorities to alleviate this humanitarian crisis".