Defence Secretary Michael Fallon states UK can never regain sovereignty even if it leaves the EU

The Defence Secretary also stated that Boris Johnson will add a lot to the Brexit campaign

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Cabinet minister Michael Fallon has stated that a fully sovereign Britain is now "an illusion", regardless of the result of a referendum on its membership of the European Union

Speaking on BBC Radio 4, the Defence Secretary stated that it would be impossible to return to a "‘golden age’ where our parliament is absolutely sovereign, you would still have the European Union next door, taking decisions that affect our trade and businesses and our way of life".

He added that it would be better to remain involved with the EU "however frustrating it is [...] shaping those regulations, leading Europe in the direction you want, protecting your national interests". 

Mr. Fallon admits that the 'Brexit' campaign has been boosted by the backing of Boris Johnson, who wants the UK to leave and said that he would be going against the wishes of David Cameron in an announcement on Sunday evening

Johnson said that the deal reached by Cameron with the EU in talks late last week was a remarkable achievement, but was not a fundamental reform of Britain's relationship with the supranational body, which he believes is required. He stated that he is looking for "a better deal for the people of this country to save them money and to take back control", and a relationship based more around trade and cooperation. 

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Fallon did admit that Johnson's siding with the 'No' campaign will come as a blow to Cameron and the others advocating that Britain should stay close to its European neighbours.

"He's an enormously popular politician," said Fallon, "he got elected twice as Mayor of London, nobody's arguing that he isn't going to bring something to the 'No' campaign".

Over the weekend, former leader of the Tory party Iain Duncan Smith also indicated he would back the 'No' campaign when he stated that the UK would leave itself open to a Paris-style attack if it stays in the EU as a result of the open borders policy. 

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He said that other EU countries could give passports to migrants which would allow them to travel to the UK, adding "we see what happened in Paris". 

The statement contradicts Cameron's message that staying within the EU would help in the fight against terrorism.

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