WATCH: 'The Simpsons' tackles US presidential debates in new satirical short

"It's just like when you have a bad dream... Except this is real and will probably ruin your lives."

The Simpsons, Debateful Eight, US Presidential Election

The candidates in the running and Fox News' Megyn Kelly get the Simpsons' treatment [YouTube]

America’s real first family and Springfield’s finest The Simpsons have weighed in on the ongoing political theatre that is the race for the Democratic and Republican tickets in the presidential election.

As part of a new two-minute short called The Debateful Eight, the iconic animated show treats us to a break-dancing Donald Trump, a pearl-necklace garrotting Hillary, and a robotic Marco Rubio, skewering all the tropes this bizarre race has produced so far.

With Marge unable to sleep due to fitful dreams about the debates so far, Homer attempts to calm her down by telling her to imagine a world in which all the candidates get along. That fantasy doesn’t quite go to plan.

Take a look at the video in full below:

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