Declan Ganley launching major radio bid in Mexico

The Irish businessman is the former leader of political party Libertas

Declan Ganley launching major radio bid in Mexico

Campaign for the European Stability Fiscal Treaty. Libertas held its final press conference before the Referendum on the 31st May. Pictured Declan Ganley of Libertas spoke to the media in the room where the draft constitution of the Irish Free State took place in 1922. ( Boal)

Declan Ganley is attempting to become a major player in Mexico's media industry.

The former leader of the Libertas political party is bidding on a contract to operate commercial radio in the Central American country.

His firm Rivada Networks hopes to take over large chunks of radio band-width usually reserved for use by the military, safety authorities and phone companies.

The Mexican Government will decide who is awarded the contract in August.