Why is everyone suddenly talking about Kesha?

The singer was denied her legal request to escape her contract

In a New York Supreme Court on the 19th of February, 28-year-old singer Kesha, was denied her legal appeal to be released from her contract. 

The singer broke down in tears when she heard the news but many don't realise why it's so important for her to escape the contract; it's not just about music. 

In 2014, Kesha filed a lawsuit against her producer, Dr. Luke. She claimed that Luke, real name Lukasz Sebastian Gottwald, physically and sexually assaulted her. She also claimed that on one occasion, he drugged her and she woke up afterwards, naked and unsure of where she was.

However, Dr Luke denies the allegations and states that the singer was merely trying to smear his reputation.

In the same year that she filed the lawsuit, the Tik Tok singer revealed that she was suffering from an eating disorder, a disorder she claimed was fuelled by Dr Luke who apparently pressured her to lose weight. She spent two months in rehab battling the illness.

Kesha legally has to have six songs produced on her album by Dr Luke. His lawyers and lawyers for Sony who are his partner in his record company claim that Kesha is violating the terms of her five-album contract by not recording any new material.

Sony have stated that Kesha could be pursued for damages and that she doesn't have to work with Dr Luke in order for the album to be made. They argued they had invested $60 million in her career.

Her lawyers on the other hand argued that the contract would end her career and suffer "irreparable harm".

The New York Supreme Court turned down Kesha's request ruling that to change the terms of contract in this particular incident would undermine state laws on contracts.

Following the ruling, celebrities have joined in to help #freekesha