Volvo recalling 59,000 cars worldwide over faulty software

The cars are being recalled to fix a fault that can cause the engine and electrics to shut down while driving

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Image: Gene J. Puskar / AP/Press Association Images

Car company Volvo is recalling 59,000 cars sold in 40 different markets over faulty software which can briefly shut down the engine and electric system.

The company's spokesman, Stefan Elfstrom, said there have been no reports of the glitch causing an accident.

However, he said "the experience isn't a nice one" for affected customers.

Five 2016 diesel models are affected by the recall: the S60, V60, XC60, V70 and XC70.

Mr Elfstrom said the glitch would be "barely noticeable" if motorists are travelling at speed, as both the engine and electric system start up again immediately.

Volvo is now beginning to write to affected car owners, who will be able to contact their local dealership for the fault to be fixed for free.

It has identified the "root cause" of the problem and has released a software update which eliminates the glitch.

Although Volvo is recalling cars in 40 markets, half of the 59,000 affected models were sold in Sweden - with a significant number of the rest sold in the UK and Germany.