How Irish campaigning can help to keep the UK in the EU

Scottish minister, Humza Yusaf says Ireland's influence may sway voters as the debate in the UK sits on a "knife edge"

As European Heads of State enter their second day of negotiations on proposals that could be put to a Brexit referendum in the UK, the Scottish Minister for Europe and International Development says Ireland is the only country in Europe that should participate actively in the UK referendum debate.

Humza Yusaf, Scotland’s youngest ever minister will address the British Irish Chamber of Commerce Annual Meeting in Dublin today, he says he believes the current outcome of any in/out UK referendum on continued EU membership is on a "knife edge."

Speaking to Breakfast Business, he said Ireland at a political, business and personal level should not refrain from getting involved in the debate prior to a likely June referendum.

While it would be "unwise" for other nations to intervene in the vote - but Ireland is "the exception."

This is because there are some 465,000 Irish citizens who would be eligible to vote in the referendum.

He also says that Ireland's advice could sway voters in Scotland who consider the Irish as "cousins" - this could also be true of some voters in Northern Ireland.

Negotiations to avoid a Brexit are continuing for a second day, after talks in Brussels broke up in the early hours of this morning. EU leaders adjourned their round table discussion at 3.00am.

During the talks Taoiseach Enda Kenny implored EU leaders to "help David (Cameron)" to get a quick, strong deal to sell to a sceptical party and his Cabinet.