Canadian zoo says death of otter was result of 'unauthorised' pair of pants

Two zookeepers have been disciplined following the incident at the Calgary Zoo

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File photo. Image: Richard Gray / EMPICS Entertainment

A Canadian zoo has said the recent death of an otter was the result of an "unauthorised" pair of pants in the animal's enclosure.

12-year-old otter Logan died after being spotted struggling in the otter pool at the Calgary Zoo last week, the Calgary Herald reports.

The zoo carried out an investigation into the animal's death, and has found it was the result of an "unauthorized enrichment item" given to the otters by zookeepers.

In a Facebook post, zoo authorities say, "a pair of pants... had been given to the otters by a zookeeper. The necropsy revealed that the otter drowned after becoming tangled in the pants".

The zoo explains that protocols were broken by two staff members who have since been disciplined.

"This error is unacceptable," the zoo says. "Our animal care protocols are among the most stringent in the industry and must be followed. We will be reinforcing our protocols with every member of our Animal Care staff to prevent an incident like this from ever happening again".