50 new jobs at Cork customer services centre

Eventbrite is a self-service ticketing and registration platform

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Photo: Eventbrite on Facebook

Up to 50 new jobs will come on stream in Cork over the next three years at Eventbrite.

The company - which is self-service ticketing and registration platform - plans to hire up to 15 full-time customer support staff immediately.

The firm - which will serve event organisers around the world - is opening a new office in Cork to support customer growth around the world.

Joel Crouch is the General Manager at Eventbrite in Ireland and the UK:

"We are opening a new centre in Cork, a new customer services centre and this will be an extension of the customer services operation we already have in San Franciso, Nashville and Mendosa, Argentina.

We are really excited about it because this is really an extension of what we do here. This will be our second office here.

We are hoping to employ about 50 people over the next couple of years."

Meanwhile, RSA Insurance has confirmed it too will employ 50 new people at its base in Galway.