Nissan have built a "self-parking chair"

For everyone who doesn't want to be burdened with putting their chair back

Based on the same technology used in self-parking cars, Nissan have created the technology which allows you to self-park the chairs in your office.

Using a combination of systems including wireless signals, ceiling-mounted, motion-detecting cameras, a Roomba-like circular chassis with wheels at the bottom of each chair, and a clapper, the automated system will return the chairs in the offices back to their original positions.

A spokesperson has said that Nissan has no plans for now to make the self-parking chairs commercially available just yet, and is just a way to promote the company's new Intelligent Park Assist self-parking car system.

We imagine that once people see these chairs in action though, enough public demand will eventually drum up the instigation needed to get them into general production.

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